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STB example[edit]

{{Infobox comics organization| <!--Wikipedia:WikiProject Comics-->
|caption=Young Justice<br />Todd Nauck, artist
|name=Young Justice
|publisher=[[DC Comics]]
|debut=''Young Justice: The Secret'', #1 (June 1998)
|creators=[[Todd DeZago]] (writer)<br/>[[Todd Nauck]] (artist)
|base=Justice League Cave; Catskill Mountain Hotel
|members=[[Tim Drake|Robin]] <br/>[[Kon-El|Superboy (Kon-El)]] <br/>[[Bart Allen|Impulse]]<br/>[[Red Tornado]]<br/> [[Wonder Girl#Cassandra Sandsmark|Wonder Girl]]<br/>
[[Secret (Greta Hayes)|Secret]] <br/>[[Arrowette]] <br/>[[Empress (comics)|Empress]]<br/>
[[Lobo (comics)#Li'l Lobo|L'il Lobo/Slo-bo]]<br/>[[Snapper Carr]] <br/>[[The Ray]]
Young Justice
Young Justice
Todd Nauck, artist
Publication information
PublisherDC Comics
First appearanceYoung Justice: The Secret, #1 (June 1998)
Created byTodd DeZago (writer)
Todd Nauck (artist)
In-story information
Base(s)Justice League Cave; Catskill Mountain Hotel
Superboy (Kon-El)
Red Tornado
Wonder Girl


L'il Lobo/Slo-bo
Snapper Carr
The Ray

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